partner-johnJason Fitzpatrick

Jason is a 42 year old newly forming missioneer on the brink of bringing greater value to a developing nation through kingdom business. I am so excited about the future being in fellowship with a group of brave souls who conquer economies for the glorious Empire of God. No easy task.

Born in St. Louis, Mo. At age 15 I took a month trip with missionaries to Bolivia. Came back, settled things at home and moved to Guatemala for ten months, were I home schooled the last 2 years of high school. During this time I moved to Mexico for the last 25 years. I have planted churches in different states of Mexico. We have 2 “Village” communities, 1 in Puebla and 1 in Hidalgo that will soon be kingdom business communities. My focus at this time is growing Revopolución.


Currently we buy recycled low density polyethylene at lost cost, granulate and pelletize it mainly for plastic bag manufacturers in our warehouse and then sell it for a good profit.  We currently have 10 employees. Our warehouse is located in Iztapalapa – D.F. – Mexico City. We have went through a lot of obstacles because the process for the recycled materials was not as straight forward as was relayed to us. Most who do this sort of work are either really small shops or millions of dollar industries. We have had to work towards making a good profit with our investment and have found a system that works with equipment that was purchased economically or built at a fraction of the costs that can process LDPE with tape and stickers which was the dragon that had to be slain. It has costs us but we can now replicate this process without going through the expense and difficulties that we had, never having the least bit of recycled experience before. I am excited about what we have accomplished so far and where we will go in the future.   ¡Viva Revopolución!