AAEAAQAAAAAAAAI3AAAAJGQ3NmFjODcyLTUwMTAtNGMyOC1iMjdiLWNkOGU1ZjQ3ODM2ZgJacob William, true to his name, is a dreamer, visionary and a strategist. He would do whatever it takes to translate God given dreams into a reality. He has over 25 years of Industry experience in transforming strategy into operational excellence.

He has this unique ability to attract the best talent, and engage with them to create global leadership teams which drive the global Missioneering Initiatives. He is very hands on and engages with employees at all levels, and empowers them to maximize their capability.

Jacob is a thoroughbred entrepreneur. Information Technology, Tilapia Farms, Plastic recycling, CrossFit Gym, goat and sheep farms are part of his business portfolio.

Jacob has the ability to look at the Technology, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Analytics and Visualization landscape and stich them together to provide practical solutions that bring value to keep Missioneering in the cutting edge of Kingdom advancement to the uttermost part of the earth.

He is from India, speaks multiple languages and enjoys global cuisine, (he is an ardent foodie). He loves travel and adventure.